City: New York City
Photographed by: Mark & Will
August 14th, 2018

We have been together for about a year and a half, and we met on a study abroad in Jerusalem. We spent a semester traveling and studying the history there in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt, and became friends from the beginning. We were friends, then best friends but weren’t allowed to date as a part of the program rules. So Jake asked me out in the JFK airport on the way home from the program, and the rest was history.

ZOE: I had kind of been thinking it for a month or so before I told him, but I am cautious and don’t like being vulnerable so I didn’t say anything until I blurted it out in New York City. Jake was in NYC for a summer program in advertising, and I am from the city so I was at home doing a summer internship. We went to the MoMA on a rainy afternoon and it all hit me at once and I wrote him a poem sitting in the abstract impressionism gallery telling him how I felt (we both write poetry, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to do that.) I read it to him that evening when I’d calmed down a little bit, and he wrote me a response poem that evening. I cried, which is also pretty characteristic of me. 

Jake is one of the most genuinely good people I've ever met. He is patient, kind and gentle, self-sacrificing, and never hesitates in doing the right thing. He's also unapologetically himself - silly and quirky and not embarrassed to be exactly himself.
- Zoe

ZOE: For our first date we went sledding. Jake had been sick the week before and still wanted to go sledding, which is kind of funny. We had a really good time sledding and laughing at each other falling, and then we got hot cocoa and talked for a while afterward. We were already good friends before our first date, so it was really fun to be together. Still a little nervous because it was a new dynamic to our relationship, but in the good, flirty-anxious kind of way.

JAKE: Our first date went so well that I asked her out for just a couple days later to go see La La Land. A movie that is a now a part of our relationship and we love it. On a trip to LA, we went and visited the observatory from the movie.

ZOE: Jake proposed first. We had chosen the ring together but it was custom and he made me think it wasn’t going to be done until a week or so after he was actually planning to propose. I am pretty hard to surprise because I’m such a planner, and want to be involved in stuff. But he did a good job. He orchestrated a whole (fake) event with our friends on the anniversary of the day he asked me out (December 15th) and had my friend Haley take me out to get my nails done to distract me while he set up. I had no idea, and even texted him earlier saying “hey! It’s been a year since you asked me out, that’s so crazy!” While I was getting my nails done, he went to the park where we’d had our first date and set up lights and photos of some of our favorite memories, and had flowers and sparkling cider there with a blanket on the ground. I showed up for what I thought was a bonfire with friends, and Jake had a friend turn on the lights when I got close. I knew what was happening once the lights turned on and I stopped mid-step and my jaw dropped and I started crying. Jake walked me over to the blanket under the lights, and said some nice things, and then got on one knee. I obviously said yes, (kind of squeakily because I was happy-crying and in shock.) I was so surprised and so happy, it was perfect.

JAKE: Zoe proposed to me on New Year’s Eve/Day. She bought me an engagement band that has olive wood in it since we first met in Jerusalem. It was very special, intimate proposal just the two of us in pajamas in a blanket fort. I love being cozy and she knows that so it was perfect.

JAKE: My first memory of Zoe was when we were in Jerusalem in an academic meeting for our study abroad. People were asking questions about the syllabus and courses (very dumb, should-be-common-sense questions). I noticed a girl with cool balayage hair and thought, “Wow, she has cool hair.” Then she raised her hand and made a comment/question that kind of shut down all the dumb questions being thrown around and then I thought, “Whoa. She’s intense.” I then sat by her on the first field trip because I was intrigued by her and thought she was very pretty.

ZOE: Jake and I sat together on a bus ride to one of our field trips as part of our study abroad. We were going to explore some ruins in Israel. I remember being excited that he sat by me because I was looking to meet more people and make friends and he seemed cool (and cute.) Our first conversation we ended up chatting about feminism, fashion, and family, (all my favorite things) and I was smitten. He had brought up some of my favorite things and it was intriguing to meet someone who was passionate about my things but thought about them in a different way.

Zoe is passionately selfless. She feels every emotion very intensely which makes her incredibly empathetic. She lets life move her. She's smart, sassy, and kind. My killer trifecta.
- Jake

ZOE: I’ve been planning weddings since I was 8, I’ve always loved them. I have notebooks full of really ugly dress designs from middle school to look back on and shudder at. Our wedding theme was just based around colors, and we decided on blues because they suit both of us and we both love water. It was pretty simple. I also really don’t like pink or bright colors so blue was my happy place since black isn’t good for a spring wedding.

ZOE: I am wearing my mom’s pearl earrings that I’ve loved since I was little. The ring pillow for our ceremony will also be made out of a vintage material my mom collected when I was growing up. Our florals are also being done by a family friend who has known me since I was a teenager.

JAKE: Uhhhh just my new awesome suit!

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