Venue: Central Park
City: New York City
Photographed by: Kevin
December 16th, 2015

On the day of their photo shoot, Jennifer and Patrick confessed that they were not entirely comfortable in front of the camera. Yet with one another they fell into simple ease, walking along the sun dappled trails of Central Park on a crisp fall day. Daylight flitted through the trees, a colorful array of crimson and orange and burnt umber that splayed around them. Their smiles beamed with their shared laughter and it was clear that we were not simply capturing two people who loved deeply, but of a friendship binding two individuals in natural harmony.

The first day of their lives together began with a date of hockey – beer and wings and a televised game of the New York Rangers. It was a date quite fitting for two people whose passion for sports is ever abound. She is a dedicated Yankees fan and he a Mets enthusiast. Yet they make it work, meeting in the middle of their sports team devotion in humorous ways, such as having a custom-made cake of a baseball jersey split down the center; half Yankees, half Mets. They find unity in their devotion to family, in company sports games played together and the uplifting companionship of one other.

“I like to think we make each other laugh,” Jennifer mused to me, and I like to think this true as well. It is evident in each glance shared between them, that glimmer of fond amusement bright in their eyes; it’s in the sway of their bodies bringing them closer together with every footstep, each hurdle faced and overcome, each intertwine of their fingers linking together a joyous future with every day anew.

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