Venue: Vanderbilt Museum
City: Centerpoint, NY
Photographed by: Jay
May 5th, 2020

Vanessa & Junior married amongst the gardens and sweeping hills of the Vanderbilt Museum, exchanging vows in front of their ten guests. The day was warm and summer-sweet, as the two spent most of their time in the company of one another, exploring the mansion halls and the crests above the sea. A small ceremony was conducted in the afternoon before an intimate gathering of their family. And when their love had been proclaimed and sealed with a kiss, the couple ended their day with a last hurrah in the company of their loved ones as they all whisked away in a shuttle bus. Grand affairs are always an admirable spectacle of wonder, but so are the small, humble moments shared with one another and the closest of friends. Thinking of having a small wedding or perhaps an elopement? We hope this post inspires you!

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