November 6th, 2019

Riddle us this: why does it seem like there will be an entire month of sunshine-gorgeous weather and then when it’s The Day, your wedding day, it’s like the rain has been PERSONALLY invited?? We get it, we really do, but we’re also here to tell you that rain on your wedding day does NOT mean a colossal disaster! Hear us out on this one, we’ve got some great tips and stories to share with you. Wedding day rain has got its benefits! There are even some people who say that a rainy wedding day means good luck, so how about that. Let’s get started!

1. Rainy Day Wedding Outfits

So you meticulously planned your wedding and then the unthinkable happens: it’s raining, a lot. Not much you can do to change that but there are some things you can do to help the day go by smoother! We suggest picking up a pair of cute rain boots ahead of time and save those pretty heels for your indoor photos. This way, you can splash about in the puddles without worry AND get some great photos. If you’re wearing a long gown, you won’t even see them. And most importantly: umbrellas! You can have so much fun with this and the options are limitless. Umbrellas printed with your initials, colors to match your wedding theme or perhaps some clear ones! We’ll touch more on this later in the post.

2. What To Pack For A Rainy Event

Chances are if there’s rain, there’s that pesky humidity too.  We recommend having a package of tissues on hand to soak up any stray droplets, hairspray for frizz and makeup blotting wipes for when your skin starts to get a little too shiny. Perhaps your hair + makeup team could follow along for some outdoor shots to keep you fresh throughout.

3. Rain Makes for Some One-of-A-Kind Photos!

We’re not joking on this one, a rainy day could actually be a blessing in disguise – but you have to know how to embrace it! If you can go with a Que Cera Cera attitude (whatever will be, will be!), having a playful view on the day can make for some fun and spontaneous moments. Case in point, Andrea & Drew had an outside ceremony when it poured! Everyone huddled in close and it became quite an intimate and memorable affair. The haze from the rain added this beautiful atmospheric moodiness as well.

4. Umbrellas as the cutest accessory

An umbrella doesn’t have to be that thing you were forced to drag out because of rainy day conditions – it can be the perfect accessory! Perk up your rainy day blues with fun pops of color, personalize them with your monogram or initials, or perhaps go for a theme of classic white or a clear umbrella.

So which style do you choose? A single large umbrella allows you and your partner to snuggle up close and sneak in all the kisses you want. It would also be a good idea to bring two smaller umbrellas so you have the freedom to take a variety of photos. We like clear umbrellas if you’d prefer them to be less noticeable and they also allow for the option of taking photos through them. We advise against patterns, generic logos, and cheap handles!

5. Fashion in the rain

A frequent concern about rainy day wedding photos is your dress. But there are ways to get through it! Having your bridesmaids hold the train of your dress can make for fun group photos if you’re concerned about the hemline getting dirty. You can also bring your dress to the dry cleaners so they can apply Scotchguard to protect against the rain.

6. April showers bring May flowers

Did you know that rainy weather actually keeps your flowers looking fresher? A blessing in disguise right there! There’s not much to be done for wilting flowers, so you could actually benefit from having delicate flowers last longer throughout the day due to Mother Nature’s surprise.

7. Everyone loves a good story

And let’s not forget, rain on your wedding day will make for some great stories to reflect on! Your guests will surely have a lot to talk about and so will you when you look back on your photos! And speaking of stories, remember Andrea & Drew’s story from earlier? They exchanged their vows in a downpour, not letting the conditions tamper their happiness. And right as the ceremony concluded, the rain ceased and they got to walk down the aisle with the most incredible skies overhead!

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