Venue: Angel Orensanz
City: New York City
Photographed by: Jay & Mark
March 10th, 2016

To understand Nicole and Marco, one would have to imagine the thrill of adventure pulsing deep within your being, that eager anticipation of thrusting headlong into the unknown, without any hesitation. Nicole and Marco eloped on a cliff-top in Spain, because they wanted to, because they were in love and wildness lived in their veins and they wanted to climb higher higher higher until the sky spilled around them, witnessed their quiet promise of forever. It was all quite fitting, as it was on another mountain where Marco bent upon one knee to surprise the love of his life with a request, a proposal to spend the rest of their lives together, seeking the limitless possibilities of whatever may lie before them.

Nicole and Marco have climbed mountains together – and I do mean literally and not in the figurative sense of the word (although that may also be true). They are a unique pair, who challenge life wholly and without inhibitions, running races and reaching the tops of mountains, as friends, lovers, together in triumph. Nicole’s warmth and kindness can be felt in the breadth of her smile, in the light that dances merrily in her eyes. And Marco is thoughtful, possesses an unshakable love that Nicole matches with a heart almost too big for the physical confines of her body. They are the embodiment of two people striving to discover every facet of what life has to offer, and they do so with support for one another and the ever present ring of laughter along the way.

Two months after their elopement in Spain, they joined in marriage once again with their loved ones in the city of New York. The day was lush with emotions almost as bright and vivid as the colors blurring in the city streets, in the halls encompassing the intimate gathering of friends and family come together to celebrate in fond affection.

When asked what they loved most about each other, Nicole responded that it was Marco’s heart. The answer was mirrored by Marco’s shared reply of, her heart. They are two souls united with a passion for life, an exhilaration for the yet-to-be-revealed and embarking on adventures paved rich with companionship and the determination against all obstacles.

I have seen the light in our love and that means the world to me. All we have is all we need and all I need is you.
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