Venue: Greenpoint Loft
City: Brooklyn, NY
Photographed by: Jay
December 5th, 2018

I promise to remember that I chose you. And I promise that no matter where we are, how, or why, I will always always choose you again. …Because you are more than my love, you are my best friend, my confident, my support and my partner.  I love you.”

I truly feel like I have spent my whole life building towards the moment we would be together. For the first time, I have the clarity to see how amazing my life is right now. To know that I have found my human.
- Ken

“Kenny, you are an incredible man… You are unbelievably thoughtful, intelligent and selfless. I love that you always push my hair back when it’s in my face. I love that you make me lunch whenever you’re working from home. I love that you do all the laundry because you know how much I hate it. I love how you make me laugh…all the time… And I love that you try to be a better person everyday because of how much you love me.”

I don’t thank you enough for everything that you do for me, for loving me as I am, or for being just you. You are my human, and I cannot remember how I lived without you.
- Megan

“Our love is real and it’s mine, and it’s ours. We belong to each other. Life may throw us challenges, but I believe with all my heart that there is nothing we cannot do together.”

“I will not always be perfect, but I will always try to be better. To wake up every day and think of some small way to make you happy. With you, I have found my purpose, I am fulfilled. All of the amazing things which are still to come for us, are icing on an already perfect cake. I love you, my heart beats for you and that’s exactly how I want it.”

Jaylim Studio Photography & Cinematography
Grace Bourne Wedding Planner
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Calla Blanche Bridal Gown
Suit Supply Groom's Attire
Men's Wearhouse Groomsmen Attire
Peter Pan Donuts Party Favors
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