Photographed by: Hannah
May 27th, 2020

Cristina & Brendan were not able to have the wedding they intended, but that didn’t stop them from having the most beautiful and dreamlike day where they could exchange vows, celebrate with their family, and host a livestream for their e-guests. With their original grand wedding postponed, Cristina & Brendan celebrated in their backyard, accented with simple but elegant decor and lush colors to match the seascape backdrop. You’d never know this day wasn’t planned years in advance with how perfect every moment was! Wait until you see the surprise guests who showed up to give this couple the best sendoff. Now featured on Rustic Wedding Chic!

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  1. Carolyn and Rich

    GorGEOUS! Not as good as being there to celebrate with you, but pretty good. IT WAS A FABULOUS DAY. HOW LUCKY WAS THAT. CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Jo Weiss

    What a dream wedding ! The photos say it all.
    such beautiful people in a really lovely setting.
    Wishing you endless years of happiness—