Venue: Rosecliff Mansion
City: Newport, RI
Photographed by: Jay & Will
July 15th, 2018

Six months of anticipation, mornings begun with a heart fluttering in excitement at the thought of what if, what could be, is today the day? anxious nerves skittering across flushed skin while leaving goosebumps in their wake. He teased her with a trip to the jewelry store on her birthday and for six months one-hundred and eighty-three days Lindsey waited for the moment when Derrick would finally ask what she had been longing for (what they had both been longing for). Days became weeks into long stretched hours and counted down minutes, until the world suddenly stopped and stilled, narrowing into one breathless moment. A gentle embrace, loving words said amongst the hushed quiet of the Metropolitan Museum, as the question is finally asked.

Lindsey + Derrick are two people whose lives have become deeply enriched by the presence of one another. Their playful nature is fortified by their support and encouragement, imprinting upon one another to grow as both individuals and as companions. They have a relationship founded upon a steady and open communication, sweetened by their endearing whimsy and charm that are a never-ending source for laughter that rings about. It’s in the little things that they show their love for one another warm kisses and little messages and silly jingles throughout the day.

They met on a casual night amongst the company of friends, and reunited months later on a New Year’s Eve that would become the start of their future intertwined.

Even in moments without Derrick showing affection, I know how important I am to him, how he shares so much and communicates and makes me feel like the center of his world.
- Lindsey

We wanted to be married indoors in a mansion because we love vintage decor and style. Once we discovered Rosecliff, we had a feeling that it would be our venue and we were right! We went to Newport over Christmas with both of our parents and had such an amazing time. We all immediately fell in love and knew that’s where we wanted to get married. The chandeliers, moldings, style, wood floors everything about it was so perfect for us.

I proposed to Lindsey in my favorite room at the MET, next to the Temple of Dendur. Only got a few words of speech out before she started freaking out. I was nervous but excited as she was. I had the ring for months. She might have been impatient leading up!

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