Venue: The Piermont
City: Babylon, NY
Photographed by: Hannah & Jake
March 14th, 2020

Two people from two very different upbringings became best friends in high school and fell in love at the Prom. They met as teenagers (Emily thought he was immature and Kanav thought she was mean) but it’s funny how things change and first impressions can melt into a bond that never breaks. Emily speaks of how Kanav’s eyes light up with wonderment and the way he always brings a smile to her face; she speaks of the ways he shows his appreciation for her and his caring nature. There is an authenticity about Kanav, who has fallen in love with Emily’s passion and silly little nuances and the way she sincerely wants to be apart even the stressful parts of his life. 

They come from different backgrounds – a boy who grew up in India and a girl who has only moved bedrooms in the same house. But they share the same values: working hard, doing what you love and caring for others. Their marriage is a blend of Jewish and Hindu traditions, and like all other aspects of their life, they meet it with respect, kindness and understanding.

We hope you are as touched by their wedding day as we have been and are inspired by their love story.

October 13, 2019

Jaylim Studio Photography & Film
Pronovias Bride's Dress
Hank Lane DJ & Band
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