City: Hudson Valley, NY
Photographed by: Kate
January 8th, 2021

Sunday mornings is when the thrum of the world has melted away, narrowed down to just two people lingering in the warmth of lazy hours and being wrapped up close in quiet moments of intimacy. It’s about exploring one another’s nuances and finding new ways to fall in love all over again. This at-home couples session was such a special day for us. We got to reunite with Andriana & Michael, whose wedding we had shot just a few years ago. They are two people deeply in love, both in romance and in the foundation of their friendship. Their connection with one another can be seen in the smiles that light up their eyes, the quietness that comes with being wrapped up with one another, and joyous laughter found in traded secrets and inside jokes.

We want you all to know that you don’t always have to find some grand location to do a couples shoot or engagement session; sometimes being in the warmth of your own home and doing something as simple as curling up on the kitchen floor with mugs of coffee conveys everything special about the two of you. We wanted to follow the calm and cherished moments of Andriana & Michael’s day while capturing that authentic love between them.

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