April 12th, 2022

Planning your engagement session is one of the most exciting parts of getting engaged. This photoshoot will serve as a great way to get to know your photographer in a casual setting before the big day and also provide you with photos to share on your social media and future Save the Date cards! If you’re finding yourself unsure of where you should have your engagement session, this article is just what you need.


The grounds of Vanderbilt will make you feel like you’ve been transported to the hills of Tuscany. A stone terrace overlooks the sea and paths wind through grand mansions and various gardens. Each setting is unique and rich in ambience, allowing you an engagement session full of variety and spectacular backdrops. Visit this blog post to see more!

Prosser Pines & East Moriches

Prosser Pines is rich in that deep-in-the-woods feeling. The atmosphere goes well with those outdoorsy types who want to have adventure and fun on their engagement session. However, this location is also perfect for a dramatic shoot in high fashion, with fabric and texture gleaming as sunlight filters through the trees for an otherworldly ambience. Choose East Moriches if you’d like the woodsy trails to lead to quiet, sandy shores.


Caumsett State Park is located on a scenic peninsula extending into Long Island Sound. It is home to beautiful gardens and meadows, as well as paths that lead out into the shoreline and salt marsh. The elegant grounds of Caumsett are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who have an appreciation for rich landscapes.


Montauk is home to beaches you won’t find anywhere else on Long Island. With its high cliffs and rolling bluffs, Montauk will take you from sandy shores, to winding paths through fields of grass. Shadmoore Beach is especially scenic and one we highly recommend. Plan your engagement session for sunset and get the most spectacular backdrop!

Kontokosta Winery

Kontokasta Winery is the perfect modern twist to the traditional rustic vineyard. The barn structure provides a clean and airy feel as it overlooks sweeping fields of vineyards. The location overall provides a vast array of shooting locations that serves for a fun day of engagement photos! Aside of the barn and winery, you can also visit a wide sweeping field to pop open a bottle and take in the view atop of the cliffs overlooking the sea.


The City’s oldest waterfront has a fresh new face with newly renovated buildings overlooking the seaport. Clean cobblestone streets and historic buildings stretch out against the city skyline, with backdrops such as the Brooklyn Bridge and East River making for some fantastic photos.

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is renown for its fancy, residential brownstones and elegant tree-lined promenade winding around the East River. The buildings here are home to stunning architecture and bold colors that serve as stunning backdrops in photos. Brooklyn Heights has been designated as a National Historic Landmark, with an array of row-houses, churches and townhomes to explore.


Greenpoint is the ideal place if you’re looking for variety! Make a day of strolling through the industrial streets, stopping by the waterfront for that iconic city skyline and capturing an urban vibe for your photos. Not to mention, this place is a goldmine for epic spots if you’re a foodie!


Williamsburg pulses with bustling street vibes and activity. There’s lots of fun local street art to be found through the residential thoroughfare, as well as cute shops filled with chic boutiques and trendy cafes adorning the sidewalks. This is a great area if you’re trying to capture fashionable Soho vibes and the thrill of downtown city life.

Coney Island

Coney Island is the perfect location to let loose and have fun amongst the bustling excitement of the fairgrounds. This place is full of iconic shots, such as the Nathan’s sign, rollercoasters and ferris wheel. However, please be aware that Coney Island is a hub of tourist activity during the peak seasons, so we would advise to plan your engagement session for the Spring or Fall. Whether you’re going to for a fresh summer look or festive autumn, this location will always have a wide variety of adventure for you!


If you’re someone who prefers a more quiet atmosphere while still getting those Brooklyn vibes, Bushwick is the perfect location. Here you’ll find a swath of incredible wall art that will make each photo unique and exciting, changing up the mood with every shot for a playful adventure. Vivid imagery mixes with industrial in this area and you won’t find yourself surrounded by a sea of onlookers either; perfect for those not used to the spotlight on them. Visit this blog post to see more!

New Paltz & Minnewaska

The Mohonk Mountain Hotel is a historic Victorian mansion resort tucked away in the beauty of Hudson Valley. Take a canoe ride to explore this scenic location and follow winding trails that will lead you to the gorgeous clifftop views. Be sure to stop off at the main street of New Paltz on your way to the mansion, where there is an array of cute restaurants, boutiques and antique shops.

Bear Mountain

One of our favorite locations is in the woods and rocky terrains of Bear Mountain. This is perfect for those who want to be far away from the activity and distraction of crowds; a place where the two of you can be lost together in richness of nature. Bear Mountain is also home to some of the most spectacular views, making for incredible moments you won’t ever forget. Visit this blog post to see more!

Now that you know where to shoot your engagement session, be sure to read all about choosing The Best Engagement Outfits!

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