Venue: The Heritage Club
City: Farmingdale, NY
Photographed by: Mark & Jake
April 6th, 2020

I love the way Bobby makes me feel so loved and safe. I love the way he makes me laugh over the silliest things. I love that Bobby has a strong relationship with his daughters and his family. He cares and respects not only me and my sons but people in general. I love that we make a wonderful team, I feel blessed to be in love with my best friend & confident!

My first memory of Hildi was seeing her facial expression and shy smile while seated next to me in the restaurant on our first date since. Her smile and laughter in her eyes were very memorable.
- Bobby

Bobby purchased the engagement ring 9 months prior but struggled to find the right timing to propose. The reason Bobby choose 11/11 is because Hildi always has a habit of sending him screen shots of her cell phone at 11:11Am and 11:11PM, then tells him to “make a wish”.

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