Venue: The Pierre Hotel
City: New York City
Photographed by: Jay
November 20th, 2018

“Gregory proposed to me on September 1st in the Westchester private airport after taking me on a private helicopter tour around NYC. He then surprised me by having all of our friends and family waiting for us at a bar local to our apartment to celebrate with us. It was truly the best night of my life; I kept crying because I was the happiest person. We were also going to Spain the next day to celebrate my 30th birthday so our celebrations continued through our 12 day Spain trip and when we returned. That September was by far the best month – the love we felt was beyond any emotions I had ever known.”

I don't remember having an exact moment that I knew I was in love - it was more a feeling of love early on and having it grow stronger and stronger as the days went on.
- Ashly

“The day I proposed to Ashly was stressful as I had a lot of different ideas and plans to propose, and several of them had fallen through previously. I was anxious and stressed because I wanted it to be as special as a could for her. I had made her wait a long time and I needed it to be flawless. I knew she would say yes. The moment I proposed, a relief came over me and I had the biggest grin in the world because she was mine now.”

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