Venue: Dream Lake
City: Colorado
Photographed by: Jay
January 12th, 2022

One of the highlights of 2021 for us was when we got to fly out to the mountains of Colorado to shoot a couple’s session for Katie & Will. Here is what our photographer Jay, (who shot both video and video!), shared of the experience:

I always love shooting in new environments and locations, even those on the more challenging side – such as climbing the snow covered Rocky Mountains. However, it all worked out fine with such a beautiful young couple, Katie and Will, who enjoyed every bit of the time we had. The couple had no problem with the icy trail hikes and Katie was so brave that she was able to walk these ambitious paths while wearing a dress! The breathtaking surrounding views and the couple’s energetic love were the perfect photographic sources. I constantly laughed along with Katie and Will throughout our time together; they made this shoot quite the adventure. The only minor thing that gave me a hard time was catching my breath due to the 8000 feet elevation. Even so, I would love to go back anytime if I had photoshoot opportunities in this location again. – Jay

Spring 2021

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