Venue: Metropolitan Building | The Angel Orensanz Foundation
City: Long Island City
Photographed by: Jay, Hannah, Will
January 23rd, 2017

Pia and Jimmy were married on January 7th, 2017, on a day blanketed white by a blustering snowstorm that hit the streets of New York City. For Pia and Jimmy however, it seemed to paint the day like a winter wonderland. It was quite fitting as well, with Pia adorned in a dress made of flowing silk and lace, the embodiment of an elegant snow angel. And the two of them were filled with far too much excitement and eager anticipation to be bothered by the unplanned snowfall. They were about to embark on the first day of the rest of their lives together; nothing could tamper that swell of happiness.

The day started in the early morning as the first bluffs of snow began to settle. Pia choosing to get ready at home, amongst the warmth of family and beloved friends, despite the later excursion into the city and to the eventual wedding venue. Home and family and the sentimental importance of being with her roots, with the people she loves, are the core of Pia’s being. As is so with Jimmy, whose love and devotion to family matches the same strength as his love for his bride.

Pia is sweet and kind, abundantly so, a genuine soul that touches each person she meets with the warmth of her generosity. She has fallen in love with a man who matches the same values and respect that Pia holds dear. Jimmy loves with the entire breadth of his heart; he’s a thoughtful and generous man, in an endearing – promise to always make you laugh, buy flowers for you every week – kind of way.

Their affection for one another is magnetic, draws them closer together no matter how far apart. There was a moment in the day, right before Pia and Jimmy were about to be revealed to each other for their first look, that could not be replicated by any script or rehearsal. The rooms of the Metropolitan Building are vast and far, and during Pia’s portrait session on the third floor, Jimmy arrived several rooms away, out of sight, unannounced. A laughter rang throughout the halls, true and clear and dazzlingly brilliant. And in an echoed reply, a smile spilled across Pia’s lips, genuine and pure, a light of excitement vibrating through her being at the sound of her Jimmy.

Their affection for one another is magnetic, draws them closer together no matter how far apart.

As the hours drifted to nightfall, Pia and Jimmy celebrated amongst an intimate gathering of loved ones. All of the guests were dressed in a unique attire of white (for the women) and black (for the men), in the desire that they did not feel as merely guests but rather an extension of Pia and Jimmy’s wedding party. There were fanciful desserts and sweets adorning the celebration hall, roses and candles and decorations of gold – like an enchanted secret garden. There was Pia singing to her beloved Jimmy a song that she had rehearsed endlessly, to perfection. There was Pia dancing with her father, and then there were Jimmy and her father joining together to surprise Pia with a choreographed dance and sing-a-long to Pia’s favorite song, My Girl. There was laughter and joy and companionship that touched all in attendance.

It’s been three years since that Jennifer Lopez Summer tour of 2014, where Pia and Jimmy met on the tour bus and chatted about engagement rings (not realizing how life and unknown circumstances would tie them together not long thereafter) – three years for a truly magical wedding to occur on a snow swept day.

Jaylim Studio Photography & Film
Lilabbys Events Wedding Planner/Cake
LINDA CANGRO Creative Visual Director
Angelica Diaz Day of Coordinator (Eventworks – NY)
Michael Costello Wedding Dress Designer
GROOMofficial Groom & Groomsmen tuxes
RICHIE BURG Photo booth
FLORAL COUTURE Bridal Bouquets, Centerpieces, Wedding Arch, Sweet Heart table
Always Bloomin’ Aisle & Escort floral
CARY DECOR Floral Wall
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